Tamborra Architecture

Architectural & Interior Design Services

Professional Services

Tamborra Architecture has over 40 years of experience in Building Design and Construction Administration ranging from Residential, Commercial and Institutional type projects varying in size from 1,000 SF to 500,000 SF, as well as Construction Costs ranging from $10,000 to over $90 Million Dollars.

To date Tamborra Architecture has been involved with over $2.8 Billion Dollars in Construction Projects.  We are a Full Service Firm that has the ability to take a project from Conception to Construction.  We have the ability to provide our Clients complete Architectural and Engineering Services on all our projects if so desired.  We also have the ability to provide complete Interior Design Services on all of our Projects as well.

Tamborra Architecture is a firm more interested in providing a FULL SERVICE to our clients and is not motivated or intimidated by Project Size or Project Costs.

Tamborra Architecture can also provide If Requested:

  • Zoning & Code Consulting Services
  • NYC City Planning Services
  • NYC Board of Standards & Appeals Services
  • NYC  Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board Violation Removal Services
  • NYC Temporary Public Assembly Services including NYC Certified Fireguards
  • NYC TR-1 and TR-8 Inspection Services